Canny Mans

237 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4QU - Map
0131 447 1484

Canny MansThe Canny Mans Lounge

Cluttered or curious this pub is a one off in Edinburgh and well worth a visit.

This is possibly the most unique and antiquated pub in Edinburgh, its like stepping back in time and finding that drinking must have been as good then as it is now. Located in Morningside the plaque on the door states no Travellers, No Mobiles, No Camera’s, most of which I think is for effect but they have something good that they are trying to preserve.

The walls and ceilings are covered with artifacts which include stuffed animals, old kitchen ware, signage, pictures and photos all presented in a quaint and visually appealing way.

A good range of beer, larger, wine, spirits and whisky. This is one of the favoured drinking spots on Edinburgh’s South side.


Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH10 4QU, UK

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