Mosque Kitchen

35 Nicholson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX - Map
0131 667 1777

The CurriesMosque Kitchen

Probably the best budget place to eat in Edinburgh, if you enjoy spicy food.

Having been to the Mosk Kitchen many times the food is consistently good. A meal can cost from as little as £3.50 for a vegetarian option with rice, a favourite being Rice, Lamb Curry, Dahl and a Spicy Lamb Kebab and a Soft Fizzy drink about £6. During the festival period and on weekends there is often a BBQ where the Lamb Kebabs and Spiced Chicken Wings are cooked, oh it smells good.

The food is very good and no doubt the cheapest way to eat a good curry in Edinburgh. The surroundings are simple and clean. They also do take aways but do not deliver. Open from mid-day to 7pm.

Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 9BE, UK

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