Chop Chop Haymarket

248 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8DT - Map
0131 221 1155

Chop Chop

The food is tasty and authentic, good service, central location, well worth a visit.

You may know Chop Chop Chinese restaurant had a good start in Edinburgh’s West End with a recommendation from Gordon Ramsay and an AA Rosette award.

The large room has basic wooden seats and chairs and some simple Chinese wall hangings; more like a typical restaurant that might be found in China instead of plastic molds of temples and red lanterns.

The menu starts off with a lengthy preamble that suggest how you might mix small and large dishes. It also has ‘banquet’ options for two people upwards where you get a range of dishes for around £20 per head. If you have the banquet for four people or more you can re-order dishes once they are finished; kind of like a buffet but you order instead of walk about.

The food is good and defined unlike the sticky stuff many Chinese restaurants serve. Given the dishes and flavours on offer its a good place to eat and experience some authentic Chinese food.

Apartments, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 8DT, UK

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