Eddscape Artist: Edd Wellesley-Davies

Edd Wellesley-Davies is an Edinburgh artist who is creating images of our city and other Scottish icons in an eye catching and imaginative way. He sells his work in many forms online, good size prints, cards, and others. Having just completed a comission for the Hanging Bat we consider him hot property.

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Interview with the artist Edd Wellesley-Davies

Eh1 Tell us a little bit about your work, where does the inspiration come from, how do people react to your work?

EWD In essence my work is simply inspired by the world around us. I take photos everywhere i go, either of particular views that I think would make a great artwork or textures that i will build in to my mixed media pieces. I particularly like to search out and depict the patterns that i see in our built world and in natural features like the skies. Alongside this i am inspired and influenced by the mass media, films, advertising etc, and it is from this that draw the inspiration and content for my poster collection. My work is quite different to many artists working at the moment and I have fully embraced the use of modern technology in to my creative process whether it be computers or digital cameras. The comments, feed back, smiles and chuckles that i receive about my work are always positive and many people say that my work is both different and a fresh view on often much depicted places.

Eh1 Have you done any Edinburgh commissions? How did they go?

EWD I have done a few Edinburgh commisions – including an outdoor mural for the Brewdog Bar on the cowgate – a design piece for The Cameo and most recently a whole package for The Hanging Bat on Lothian rd. They have all gone well as people generally seem to just want me to do my thing, which is great – My favourite is the ‘Batscape’ in which i turned the view across the Firth from crammond into a moon lit dawn with a swarm of bats returning to roost.

Eh1 Do you have plans for more design pieces based on Edinburgh? Any clues as to what they might be of?

EWD I am curetly working with Working on Wheels, who are putting together a community play project that will see me paint an edinburgh cityscape on a big container. I will also be looking to create a new collection of work in the new year.

Eh1 What is favourite place to eat/drink/hang out in Edinburgh?

EWD I have to say when we are in the town centre we will always end up in the Citycafe , they have the best chips, love the booths and you get free news papers and coffe refils, aside from this Hollyrood 9a does great burgers and beer, in the summer you cant beat the dalriada on portobello promenade and the kids can run free on the beach, the Espy along the promenade is also great and i have to give a nod to the Staggs in musselburgh as its my local and always has great beer on tap. The meadows and Arthurs seat are also great on a summers day and Leith water is great for a wee walk. Also the Mosque kitchen is great and the Sheeps Heed for a bit of history and skittles.

Eh1 Your top visitor recommendation/s?

EWD The Botanical gardens are beautiful, we went recently and they have done so much work in the last few years. A pub crawl round the old town has got to be in there, I particularily like the Blue Blazer and The Halfway House. a trip to portobello for a walk down the promenade. I love the Fringe. I am also a big fan of the chamber street museums.

Eh1 Describe your Edinburgh in less than seven words.

EWD A beautifully layered city which oozes history

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