Malt and Hops

45 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6QU - Map
0131 555 0083

Malt and Hops Malt and Hops

A proper pub serving proper beer to regulars and visitors by the Water of Leith, Ohoy a good pub!

Dating back from 1749 the ceilings are draped with golf clubs, fishing rods, old tap signs, notes from around the world and a collection of ceramic beer jugs; this is without doubt a PUB! The staff are friendly and will tell you about the beers on offer. Beers are listed clearly of which there are about eight cask beers available, how strong and the price, no surprises except good beer.

The walls are wood lined and clad with beer mirrors and pictures from days past. In the summer the light shines through the window, if you can there are two narrow benches outside and barrels to rest pints on. In the winter the centre piece is the fire which always has a large stock of coal. Just in case you forgot where you were there is a large oil painting above the fire place of the Shore. No TV, no machines, no meals, just a wee bit of music, nuts and crisps; the best way to drink a pint.

Edinburgh, Midlothian EH6 6QU, UK

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