Illegal Jacks

113-117 Lothian Road, EH3 9AN - Map
0131 622 7499

Illegal Jacks LunchIllegal Jacks

Tasty Mexican food, quick helpful service and good value is not illegal any more.

The only thing you will find illegal about this place are the flavours, they serve good Mexican food USA style which is great, big portions too. Pick up a paper menu as you walk in and choose what you fancy to eat. Order at the desk where the staff are helpful and informative, they wear t shirts with text on the back like EAT ME.

The prices are reasonable, they serve beer (Brew Dog), soft drinks and teas and coffee. Not big on the desert front but that’s fine if your eating here its probably flavour that interests you. A clean and crisp dining area, simple design and layout with the emphasis on red and text describing where certain dishes originated from.

All in all a good Mexican lunch or dinner at a good price.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3, UK

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