Jupiter Artland

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Jupiter Artland is an inspired country park with carefully choreographed art pieces, sculptures and landscaping.

Located outside of the city near Kirknewton Jupiter Artland is situated in the grounds of Bonnington House which are owned by Robert and Nicky Wilson. It is the proprietors vision and creativity that has allowed the gardens to become an enchanting gallery where the back drop becomes as important as the work itself.

P1140837The park is laid out in a woodland style trail, walk around the landscape and objects reveal themselves. The works on display come from a range of artists some of which are well known such as Anthony Gormley Firmament which is a sculpture constructed from 1019 steel balls held in the space by 1770 steel elements of different lengths. The gardens will be best known for the landscaped gardens by Charles Jenk’s Life Mounds who’s work can also be seen at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

P1140809The gardens are home to a an amazing cafe which is in a stainless steel Airstream converted caravan from America. There is inside and outside seating and a good range of snacks, cake, lunches, soups, hot and cold drinks. Not all of the food is prepared in the caravan and is of a high quality.

There is a connection between the art and the land that holds a broader unspoken significance; initially these objects located in an unfamiliar back drop start to make sense. This is a great day out for all the family, if its been raining its worth taking wellington boots or good out doors shoes.

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