Los Cardos

281 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8PD - Map
0131 555 6619

Los CardosLos Cardos

Fresh home made Mexican food with loads of flavour and authentic style.

Los Cardos on Leith Walk is authentic, clean, comfy, friendly and most importantly very tasty. The owner Neil (from the USA) explained his take on good Mexican food which sounded good.  The Mexican food served at Los Cardos its much lighter, fresher, and more vibrant than some of the fare that is served elsewhere, its original Mexican style.

With Burrito’s come choices, chicken, pulled pork, haggis, and then choices of additional fillings such as  black beans, rice, coriander, creme fresh,  fresh chili salsa style sauce with a range of heat. The food is great, they do eat in or take away and they will answer any questions about the menu and tastes. If eating in its a wee place that can sit about eight people, cafe style food service bar all adds to the authenticity.


Leith, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH6 8PD, UK

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