Rick’s Bar

55A Frederick Street Edinburgh EH2 1HL - Map
0131 622 7800

Ricks Bar EdinburghRicks Bar

A fancy bar that is becoming a classic, nice mix of people and great drinks menu.

Rick’s Bar over the years has maintained its smart edge without adding many bells and whistles, its grown gracefully. With pleasing surroundings and a good drinks menu at its heart its a favourite for a cocktail, fizz, good wine and a selection of beers.

The bar and restaurant are all open plan with subtle layout divides that allow the atmosphere to flow while giving diners some privacy and bar goes the feeling that they are at the centre of the place. Not all places pull off drinking and dining as well as Ricks does, they have got it down to a fine art.

Worth a trip especially on a Friday and Saturday, trendy with a mixed age range, smart and knowledgeable staff.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 1LH, UK

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