Made in Edinburgh: The Best Scotch Eggs!

Highly Recommended

Black Pudding Scotch EggsPea Green Boat

The Pea Green Boat make the best Scotch Eggs we have ever tasted. Highly Recommended by Eh1 and worthy of awards.

The Pea Green Boat is a small catering business based in Portobello. Scotch eggs are how it all started in November 2011. We took a few dozen along to our local Portobello market, thinking we may have overdone it, but we sold out within an hour and went back to the kitchen to make more to try to meet demand! Since then we have started going to a few markets around Edinburgh selling our scrumptious handmade scotch eggs which we believe are second to none. We always make them on the day so that they are as fresh as can be, and we use organic eggs and free range meat from out local butcher – Findlays of Portobello.

We are also developing a range of delicious preserves (many of which go nicely with the scotch eggs) including the very popular Spicy Apple Chutney, a Pear Chilli and Ginger Jam (great with Manchego cheese) and our newest addition: Dark and Stormy Marmalade; named after the cocktail, it is made with rum, ginger and lime and would tantalise anyone’s taste buds….

We care about where our ingredients come from and try to source local and sustainable products; the granulated sugar we use is British, the butter is Scottish, the eggs are all organic and laid locally in East Lothian where the chickens are COMPLETELY free range, and we try to source as much of our fruit and veg as we can locally and in season. We also use organic produce where we can as we think it makes a huge difference to the taste which is what it is all about for us.

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