The Ship on the Shore

Highly Recommended
26 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6QN - Map
0131 555 0409

ShipShip on Shore

A great sea food dining experience by the water front. Eat in the bar area or the main restaurant, the catch is superb.

One of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, do not mistake this place for the white ship in the water, this place is on land! It has small tables and benches outside with cream roses in champagne bottles giving a wee statement of intent. The menu is fishy, varied and very credible offering a range from fish and chips to lobster, if you enjoy your sea food this is as good as you will find. Its reported that Tom Kitchen eats here.

It has a slightly French feel in its ways and the interior is dark wood clad and does feel shipy without being cliche. The service is relaxed, the food is very good and it’s wise to book in advance. There is a bar eating area as well as a slightly more formal restaurant area that are considerately split. They have romantic and audacious options such as a bucket of mussels and very good champagne for £100 + and they also cook a good steak. Having eaten fish and chips to sea food platers we can recommend for a range of budgets! We will be going back.

Leith, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH6 6QN, UK

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